Hero vs Beast / Hero Slays Beast


«Scene: Shattersword Cavern»

«Hero battling Graveclaw The Defiler»

«Scene: King Alteon’s bedroom»

«Princesss Victoria pats your shoulder»

Victoria: !!!
Victoria: *Blech*

Hero: Sorry about that. Blood and bonedust are impossible to get out of this gear.

Victoria: Not to mention the stench! Come with me to the armory after this. I have something that will help.

King Alteon: *cough* How do you know – no nevermind. Not important. <Hero> and I must discuss this.

«Princess Victoria rolls her eyes»

Victoria: You stay and talk with my Father. I’ll arrange things for you.
Victoria: *whisper* Find me later in the Common hall. Father NEVER discusses strategy with me.

King Alteon: You have done a great thing this day, <Hero>.
King Alteon: Our land is once again safer because your bravery and skill. We must repay you.

Hero: I did what I must because I could… when you could not.
Hero: If you were not sick, you would have fought as bravely, not needing my help.

Grave times are ahead of us, my friend, and the future grows darker every day.
I fear this not he last time you will find yourself battling on my behalf, or for those I love.
I will always come when your land needs my aid, Highness. Always.

«Scene fades»

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