Hero's Wish


«Scene: Djinn Realm»

Efreet: … So, Tibicenas has returned. I suppose it was only a matter of time.
Efreet: This creature's pride is unbelievable. To think he can contend with my power.

Saahir: Oh, great Efreet. It would be my greatest honor to defeat Tibicenas for you.

Efreet: Mortal hero, you have earned a single request from me, would that be your request?

Hero: Hmmm. Can I wish for more wishes?

Efreet: No.

Hero: Then, I guess…

Tibicenas: EFREET! I have come for you!
Tibicenas: Face me NOW!

Efreet: Saahir, dispose of this creature.

Saahir: With pleasure!

Zhoom: Saahir, You did it! I can't believe…

Hero: You've killed Saahir!

Tibicenas: Sadly no. Djinn cannot be killed.
Tibicenas: He will regain enough strength to return to this world in a few thousand years.
Tibicenas: Now, Efreet… you and I…

Hero: WAIT! I never got my wish granted.

Efreet: This is true. You may speak it.

Hero: I wish Tibicenas was stripped of all of his power.

Efreet: I can strip him of all his Djinn powers but his Chaos powers will remain intact.

Hero: Good enough.

Tibicenas: What have you done to me?

Zhoom: He's brought you down to our level.

Hero: Now let's see what you’ve got.

«Screen fades»

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