Hero's Heart Rares


Name Price
Sword_Table.png Beast King's Glory acsmall.png 350 AC
Axe_Table.png Heartstone Axe legendsmall.png 11,000 Gold
Dagger_Table.png Heartstone Keys 11,000 Gold
Gun_Table.png Steampunk Lovebow (Bow) legendsmall.png 14,000 Gold
Mace_Table.png Heartstone Warhammer legendsmall.png 11,000 Gold
Staff_Table.png Power of Love +3 acsmall.png 300 AC
Armor_Table.png Bluddron Morph acsmall.png 550 AC
Armor_Table.png Bluddron and Shield acsmall.png 750 AC
Armor_Table.png Bluddron's Legend Morph legendsmall.png 55,000 Gold
Armor_Table.png Paragon of Love acsmall.png 1,000 AC
Armor_Table.png Valentine Warrior legendsmall.png 30,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Paragon of Love Hair 5,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Paragon of Love Helm acsmall.png 75 AC
Helmet_table.png Paragon of Love Hood acsmall.png 75 AC
Helmet_table.png Paragon of Love Locks 5,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Royal Beast Crown acsmall.png 100 AC
Helmet_table.png Royal Beast Locks acsmall.png 100 AC
Helmet_table.png Valentine Warrior Helm legendsmall.png 15,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Valentine Warrior Locks legendsmall.png 15,000 Gold
Cloak_Table.png Bluddron's Cape 6,000 Gold
Cloak_Table.png Wings of Love acsmall.png 200 AC

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