Henry Bonney

Rock Paper Scissors Grand Champion
Aha! A new face! Which means… a new challenger! Beat me in 3 rounds of Rock-Paper-Scissors if you want me to help you out with… whatever you need help with!

When you're ready, press the start button. You'll have 3 seconds to pick rock, paper or scissors using the two arrows. Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors , scissors beat paper. Win 3 rounds to defeat Henry Bonney!

Ask about J6
You've got to earn some respect here before acting like you own the place, and everyone respects a champion!

If you lose:
Now you know why they call me the Rock, Paper, Scissor Grand Champion. Maybe you can try again some other time, if you want to be beaten again.

If you win:
Random messages:

  • Pheew! You sure showed me! Alright— a deal's a deal. What do you want to know 'bout the infamous J6?
  • You beat me! I can't believe you beat me! I want a rematch!

After beating him in Rock, Paper, Scissors:
1. Where J6 was spotted last?
Oh, where was J6 last seen? Hmm… I think his silhouette was somewhere over the direction in which the sun sets…

2. Who saw J6 last?
Artix, Cysero, Joe Jingle, Thyton, and Rolith. Heed my riddle, traveler; the middle man will be the last to have seen J6.

3. When did J6 steal?
J6 has stolen many things that I can't keep track anymore. Something dealing with Dragons? Or Crystals? Maybe both… or maybe neither?

4. What is J6's weapon of choice?
Hey, I have a question for you: do you have tickets? <pause> *flexes arm muscles* Tickets to the gun show, of course! Ah-ha-hahaha! Good one, right?

5. What is J6's eye color?
J6's eye put the "G" in Roy G Biv!

6. What is J6's class?
Class? Class! I just missed my night class! Oh man, I have got to go… sorry I couldn't be more help!

- Rock-Paper-Scissors Minigame

Location: Saloon


Thanks to Ashley_1.

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