Helzekiel (Cutscene)


«Scene: Inside the Infernal Spire, after defeating Helzekiel»

Helzekiel: This victory means nothing.
Helzekiel: You cannot defeat us. We are eternal and unending.

Hero: You know, maybe that's true. But right now, I only care about one thing:
Hero: Where is my friend? Where is Aranx?

Helzekiel: HAHAHAHA… the Celestial? Really, that's all you're after? Not concerned about our endgame, not trying to stop us?
Helzekiel: Well, I can't say I've seen him.
Helzekiel: But if he's in here, then his power belongs to Malxas now.

Hero: What? Who is Malxas? What does that even mean?
Hero: And - yeah! Now that you mention it, what IS your endgame? What are you doing here?

«Scene: Helzekiel makes a cunning smile and fades out»

«Scene fades»

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