Help Moore


Note: This cutscene is voiced.

«Moore and Hero in Underworld»

Moore: My love… where are you? Please say something so I can find you…

Hero: Excuse me, you must be Moore. Your true love wanted you to have this.

«Hero hands Jeluti's pendant to Moore»

Moore: This…. this is Jeluti's pendant! **Then you found her! Oh please, please take me to her at once!

Hero: I'm sorry… it is not that easy. The curse that separates you has also… also… um, how do you explain this?
Hero: It seems like the curse is splitting the Underworld into two dimensions.

Moore: Underworld? I… I'm dead? …A wandering spirit doomed to forever walk these halls in search of my one true love?

Hero: Not if I can do anything about it! Do you know what could have caused this curse?

Moore: Yes… In life, I was forbidden to be with my beloved Jeluti.
Moore: But we defied the fates and were secretly married… alas, it came at a terrible price.
Moore: Defending our love, my best friend lost his life. His dying words placed a curse upon us and our families.

Hero: This is Exactly why I'll never use internet dating sites.

Moore: It appears his curse continues even in death… but my love for Jeluti is stronger than death!

Hero: I see. So the source of this curse is another being here in the Underworld. Where could he be?

Moore: Hero, there is but one door I am unable to enter… perhaps you will find the source of the curse within.

«Scene fades»

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