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«Hero and Jeluti on Underworld»

Jeluti: Oh my dearest love… where ever can you be…

Voice of Moore: Jeluti… I can hear your sweet voice, but you are nowhere to be found.

Jeluti: Oh Moore…. *sobs* I can hear you too… But why? Why can't I find you?

Hero: Excuse me…

Jeluti: Who… who are you? Oh, please help me. Help me find Moore, my one true love…

Hero: You can't find your one true love? How long have you been looking?

Jeluti: I have been searching for my love for as long as I can remember. It feels as if an eternity has passed…

Hero: That's possible. I mean, you are a ghost.

Jeluti: A ghost? Surely you are joking…?

Hero: Yes. Let's just say if you fibbed and told me you were alive… I would "see right through" it.

Jeluti: So it is true. Oh no… Moore!? …Are we truly doomed to an afterlife apart as well?

Hero: They were separated in life as well as death? What a terrible fate.

Jeluti: But I will never give up on you, my love… there must be a way! Please, help me find a way to undo this curse?

Hero: Curse? This must be related to the portal. I better get to the bottom of this.
Hero: I will help you. Wait here while I find Moore.

Jeluti: Oh, thank you… when you find him give him this.

«White subtitles: "Jeluti's Pendant Acquired!". Cutscene end»

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