Helms With Glowing Eyes

1st Lord Of Chaos Helm
Agares Morph
Ancient Undead Helm (1)
Ancient Undead Helm (2)
Ancient Undead Skullcap
Angel Avengers Helm
Archfiend Berserker Helm
Ascended Face of Chaos
Ashen Nymph Locks
Ashen Nymph Morph
Assassin Helm of Vokun
Assassins of the Abyss Helm
Autumnal Nymph Locks
Autumnal Nymph Morph
Banisher Mask
BeastHorns of Vokun
Beastmaster Ravager Helm
Berserker Curse
Black Cat Hat
Black JVI Helmet
Black Knight Cover
Blackened Turdraken Assassin
Blackhorn Runes Helm
Blakk's Hat
Block Head
BoltStriker Horn
Celestial Commander Armet
Celestial Commander Faceplate
Celestial Commander Guard
Celestial Commander Ward
Cerberus Helm
Cerberus Morph Helm
Chaorrupted Defender Helm
Chaos Bear Head
Chaos Breaker's Hood
Chaos HydraSlayer Head
Chaos Hydraslayer Helm
Chaos Hydraslayer Visor
Chaos King Crown
Chaos Lycan Head Morph
Chaos Mage Cover (Non-AC)
Chaos Queen Crown
Chaos Rogue Mask (Non-AC)
Chaos Shogun Helmet
Chaos Werewolf Morph
Chaotic Crusader Helm
Crested Void War Helm
Crimson Darkness Headgear
Crimson Face Plate of Nulgath
Crimson Pirate Mage Hood
Crimson Spitfire Helm
Cyber King Helm
Cyber Queen Helm
Death's Skull
Demon Helm of Cerberus
DoomLord's War Mask
DoomMage Skull
Doomwood Oni Mask
Dracolich Destroyer Mask
DragonMaster Stonescythe Plate
Drakath Mask
Dreadhaven General Helm
Earth Titan Helm
Enchanted Titan Helm +15
Enraged Bestial Paragon Helm
Evil Iron Wing 1
Evil Iron Wing 2
Evolved Solarflux Helm
ExoSkin Helm
EX-Terminator Helmet
EX-Terminator Helmet and Hair
Face of Chaos
Failed Brainshield
Fallen Minion Morph
Famine's Gilded Hood
Faust Face
Female Tribal Horc Helm
Female Voodoo Brawler Hat
Fiendwarrior Helm
Final's Horned Skull
Final's Skull Helm
Final's Upgraded Helm
Forest Fury Helm
Fragmented Astral Helm
Ghoul Curse
Gilded Tyndareous Helm
Golden Hanzo Void Horns
Golden Hanzo Void Mask
Golden Inquisitor's Helm
Golden Tyndareous Helm
Gong Ji Zhànshì Helm
Good Iron Wing 1
Good Iron Wing 2
Gourd-O Mask
Helm of the Dark Lord
Holly Helm
Holy Fire's Gaze
Horc Male Warrior Helm
Horned DoomMage Hood
Horns of Nulgath
Hot Head Helm
Hydra Battle Helm
Infernal Fiend Hair
Infernal Fiend Helm
Iron Caveira
JVI Helm
La Forlorna Veil
Lavamorph Eyes
Legion Bandana
Legion Nightmare Helm
Lich Crown
Life Taker Hair
Life Taker Locks
Light Bug Visor
Living Titan Morph
Locks of Ancient Evil
Locks of Pink Love
Logash's Horns
Logash's Matriarch
Loyalist Helm
Lycan Head Morph
Lycan War-horns
Mask of Ancient Evil
Metal head
Mights Vision Helm
Mighty Undead Trooper Guard
Mighty Zephyr Dragon Head
Miner Helm
Monster Mummy Wrap
MoonLab Scientist Hair
MoonLab Scientist Locks
Muenster Monster Helm
Mummy Face
Nation SoulStealer Hood
Nation SoulStealer Horned Hood
Necrotized Battle-helm
Nevanna Locks
New Minon Morph
Nightmare Hunter Tricorn
Nightwyvern Cowl
Nightwyvern Mask
Oblivion Helm of Revontheus
OverSoul Dire Monk Head
Pa-Love-Din Helm
Piggy Clown Face
Polish Hood
Prime Dominus Visor
Prismatic Dragon Morph (Helm)
Pyromancer Artifact
Random Weapon of Nulgath
Raptor Morph
Ravin' Skelly Face
Red Dragon Morph
Redemption Helm
Redemption Helmet (Non-AC)
Riftbreaker Helm
Rotting Corpse Hood
Sage Hood of Revontheus
Santa Claws' Battle Helm
Savage Hare Morph
Shadow Jester Snarl Morph
Shadow Legacy of Nulgath Hair
Shadow Legacy of Nulgath Helm
Shadow Weaver's Hood
Shimmering Mage Hood
ShoGunslinger Helmet
Shorn Chaos King Crown
Silver Banisher Mask
SkeleCommander's Helm
Snorkling Wolf
Snow Golem Morph
Snowman Head
Spiked Grid Iron Death Helm
Spikes of Pink Love
Starsteel Helm
Steel Hawk Helm
Steel Skull Mask
Summoner's Cowl
Templar's Helm of Light
The Doomwood Shore
The Wrath's Brim
Thrax's Warlord Guard
TitanV9 Helmet
Toxic Spirit Morph
Tribal Horc Helm
Undead Egghead
Undead Helm
Undead Horned Helm
Undead Pierced Helm
Undead Trooper Guard
Unidentified 18 (Dark Cyclops Face)
Venetian Bone Locks
Venetian Bone Mask
Vengeance Helm
Viridian Vampire Helm
Visage of Cerberus
Void Draconian Head
Void Spartan Helm
Voodoo Brawler Hat
WarHorc Helm
Warhorses Helm
Wicked Pumpkin Caster Helm
Wicked Witch Curse
Wolf On The Beach Morph
Wolfwing Mask
Wyverngirl Mask
Zealith Reaver Helm
Zeke Battle Helm
Zombie Terror Morph

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