Hel Fö

Hollowborn Judge's Student
Oh? A new visitor! My name is Hel Fö. I am a Hollowborn, as you can see, and a disciple of the Hollowborn Judge. More like a follower. From here she makes the judgments that have been ordered by the ShadowFiend. I've seen many interesting things and learned many more while studying with my sister. She's amazing, you know…

Your Sister?
My sister was an excellent and fair Judge before she was reborn and I was studying to be like her. Unfortunately, we had an early and unworthy end… However, that is in the past! The ShadowFiend has given us a new opportunity and here we are. Our bodies may be frail, yet with Lae's help we are able to continue in our quest for Justice.

The Judge
The Hollowborn Judge delivers justice in the name of the ShadowFiend to all those who act contrary to his Rule of Law. No matter the outcome of the judgment, it will always be fair… and the Hollowborn Judge's sentence is final. The scale will always be in balance. I have only two pieces of advice: Don't challenge her and BE honest. You have been warned!

- Hel Fö's Quests
- Hollowborn Judgement Merge

Location: Hollowborn Challenge


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