«Scene: Xing and Xang in Transformation with a mirror of Drakath»

Drakath: Xing! Xang! Where are you?
Drakath: Did you find them?

Xing: Tee hee! Of course we did!

Xang: We're with them now!

Drakath: Execellent. I knew I could count on--wait a minute. Why is it so dark?
Drakath: Are you underground?

Xing: Are we?

Xang: We might be.

Drakath: That is NOT what you were supposed to do! Get back here now!

Xing: *Ksssshhhh!*

Xang: Sorry, boss! We're losing you!

Drakath: This is a magical connection there's no STATIC on a--

Xing: *click*
Xing: Oops. I guess the signal dropped.

Xang: Hee hee! Too bad.

«Scene fades»

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