Heart of Swordhaven


«Scene: Swordhaven castle with lightning flashing in the background»

The heart of Swordhaven beats steadily in its King, Alteon. But for how long… ?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: King Alteon in the throne room surround by Princess Brittany, and the Pactagonal Knights»

«Screen zooms in on King Alteon - a purple light surrounds him and then flashes»

Princess Brittany: Father, NO!

King Alteon: AAAAAAAAARGH! *gasp*

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Swordhaven castle with chaotic lightning in the background»

Chaos storms have raged over Swordhaven city for the last three weeks.

Fearful whispers echo through the city as the townpeople wait, watch, and worry for their King.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Brie, Edmure, Squire Alan, and a peasant girl talking in Swordhaven»

Squire Alan: He is NOT getting better! I heard from the Head Parlormaid that he collapsed today!

Brie: The cheesemake told ME the King's head chef placed an order for SIXTEEN wheels of cheese.
Brie: There's no WAY he can be sick and need all of THAT. Not just for himself.

Edmure: He's either throwing a party or… Chaorruption makes ya want dairy? Dunno.

«White flash in the background»

Squire Alan: No, you DON'T know. But I'm in the Palace every day and I say this isn't good!

«Screen moves to the sewers»

The Chaorruption spreads…

«A chaotic rat comes in and kills a non-chaorrupted rat. The sewer water turns pink from chaorruption/»

«Scene moves to King Alteon's chambers where King Alteon lays in his bed, and his daughters Brittany, Tara, and Victoria sit on his bed at his feet and Lord Brentan standing to the right of the bed»

«Screen zooms in on the bed»

King Alteon: My children… I am tired. The infection rages deep in my bones today.
King Alteon: I must rest, regain my strength. I will be much better in the morning.

«Screen goes black»

«Screen zooms in on King Alteon »

King Alteon: Brittany. Go now. Summon <hero>. Send him to me!
King Alteon: I will speak with him before I sleep.

«Scene moves to Swordhaven where chaorrupted rats knock down villagers»

Squire Alan:

«Scene moves back to King Alteon's chambers where Hero stands talking to King Alteon»

Hero: Your Highness, greetings. I came as quickly as I could.

King Alteon: I must… ask you for another… favor.

«Scene moves to Swordhaven showing villagers wounded»

Chaorruption targets the weak and wounded first…

«Scene moves back to Hero and King Alteon in the King's chambers»

King Alteon: While I am weakened, YOU must command the defense of Swordhaven!
King Alteon: No matter what happens to me, my realm and my family MUST be saved.
King Alteon: Speak with Denara in the Royal Archvie. She has maps and defense plans for you.
King Alteon: Rufus, Commander of the City Guard, will see your orders done. Go. NOW!

«Scene moves to Swordhaven where a chaotic eye flies close, and looks at the hero, then flies away»

«Scene fades»

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