Heal the Chaos Lord


«Scene: The Hero speaks with Golem Warlic»

«Scene fades»

Golem Warlic: Heroes must gather allies wherever they go.
Golem Warlic: YOU must bring together shards representing Iadoa's true self.
Golem Warlic: The remains of his will and sanity. His knowledge has helped you learn valuable lessons.

«The Hero nods and raises their weapon»

Hero: Sacrifice. Loyalty, and how friends can make the difference in a hopeless fight…

«The Hero lowers their weapon»

Golem Warlic: And my Master — your teacher — IS a friend. Remember what you see here.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: You see a Chaotic Iaoda in the time library. He takes a clock and magically turns the time backwards»

«Screen fades»

«Scene: A unknown hooded figure appears that seems to be watching Drakath from his childhood appears»

???: He will do well, but must be watched. —

«Scene: A clock in the top left of the screen, seems to turns forward in time and seems to stop at Drakath's teenage years.»

???: Time is on my side. For now. But Chaos waits for no man… or beast.

«Scene: The clock turns a bit more forward and we see current Drakath standing by the Chaos Portal in his realm. The shadowed, hooded figure glows purple.»

«Scene fades»

As the Hero fails, the world falls. Chaos will rise, and so will I!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Back to The Hero and Golem Warlic talking in MQ Lesson»

Golem Warlic: Your Otherself wore a mechanical battlesuit in the timeline my Master calls "MechQuest."
Golem Warlic: @He lived among aliens, fought along the stars, flew through galaxies.

Hero: How?! Mysterious!

Golem Warlic: Exactly. Now, <Hero>, FLY!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Back to the time library to Iaoda. The clocks in the room seem to be spinning forward»

Iaoda: Out of time, out of my mind. If <Hero> dies, so will I.
Iaoda: A life under the Chaos eye marks the Champion's path assured.
Iaoda: Unless we fight and maybe die? For me, a glorious fall into the swirling whirls of time out of mind. Lost to the Chaos found!

Xing: And WE find you WAY too crazy to serve your Master.

Iaoda: ???

Xang: *Giggle* Get it together, time turner. You were chosen for your ability to teach. So DO that!

Iadoa: The Champion of Chaos will have his beast. I have seen that much.
Iadoa: My servants know their role. ALL of them. <Hero> will learn, and learn well.
Iadoa: But in the final fight, one of us will walk away. Can you guess which it will be?

Xang: *Giggle* Chaos wins either way! We have faith in your ability, Professor!

Xing: Here, we have a gift for you. To show we believe in you. Teehee!

Iadoa: ?!
Iadoa: GET OUT! I don't have time for your randomness. Or your fish. I'll smell that stench soon enough.
Iadoa: I need time to prepare myself; the final battle will be a harsh lesson for us both.

«Scene fades»

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