He Will Kill You


«Scene: Sepulchure, disguised as a Lightguard Paladin, stands in Lightguard Keep»

«The screen turns red as the Doomblade talks to Sepulchure»

Doomblade: The necromancer told you to look for a secret weapon.
Doomblade: But you're not going to do that, are you?
Doomblade: You're here to find Alteon.

Sepulchure: Get out of my head. Now is not the time.

Doomblade: He will kill you.

Sepulchure: He can try.

Doomblade: Maybe succeed, with the Lightguard backing him.
Doomblade: Better to kill them first.
Doomblade: Kill them now, before they see it coming.
Doomblade: Before they stab you in the back.

«Scene fades»

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