He's Been Here All Along


«Scene: Throne of Darkness meeting place»

Groglurk: So I slithered into the ruins of my shattered tower…
Groglurk: It would become known as Bludrut Keep.
Groglurk: And I… would become known as the Groglurk.

Xeight: What happened to all the beautiful people trapped in the mirrors?

Sekt: They were all set free.

Xeight: Really?

Sekt: Well, the game's rated E10, so it would be totally wrong if we mercilessly killed 9,000-ish innocent NPCs.

Xeight: Good point.

Ziri: Hey Scarletta… er.. Groglurk… can I tell you something?

Groglurk: What is it?

Ziri: I am really glad you told your story… last.

Groglurk: You are?

Ziri: Yeah, cause… man the eye-candy meter of this table just went negative.

All except Mysterious Figure, Groglurk, and Ziri: ZIRI!!!

Ziri: Oh come on, you were thinking it too!


Sekt: Yes.. our stories are complete.
Sekt: It is time to finally find out why we were all gathered.

All except Sekt and Mysterious Figure: Yes! It is time to hear YOUR STORY, Mysterious Stranger!

«The table shakes»


All except Mysterious Figure and Plank: !!!!

Plank: You know, I have been here the WHOLE time and you do not so much as say hello.
Plank: Ziri kept putting his drink right on my eye!

Ziri: What-the-#$@#-living-Table%^@-holy O_O
Ziri: Is everyone else seeing the table talk or am I hallucinating again?

Sekt: Now, I did not see this coming.

Plank: Come on people! Seriously!? SERIOUSLY!?
Plank: I sit through all your stories and you are going to skip mine!?
Plank: My story is the best of all!
Plank: You know why?
Plank: First… I am going to tell you the real reason you were all gathered here.
Plank: Second… I am going to tell you where ALL of your cursed artifacts came from.
Plank: And finally… I am going to tell you who is really under those robes at the end of the table.

Mysterious Figure: Well, this is going to be highly interesting.

All except Mysterious Figure and Plank: !!!!

«Scene fades to black»

Throne of Darkness
Table Talk

«Scene fades»

«The Groglurk stares at a mirror that reflects who she once used to be - Scarletta.»

«Scene fades»

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