He's Alive!


«Scene: Hero inside one of the houses in the infected village with a survivor»

Hero: OMG. You're… alive??
Hero: I was starting to think the entire village had turned into zombies!

Villagers: Zombies? Huh?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: A zombie villager outside in the village»

Villager: Oh, yeah, I guess they do kind of look like the walking dead.

«The "zombie" coughs»


Villager: They're not, though – they just have a seriously nasty case of dragon plague!
Villager: It's making them green, and snotty, and extremely lethargic.

Hero: Oh.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero and the villager»

Hero: (I'm glad I didn't actually kill any of them, then…)

Villager: Please tell me you know how to cure them!

Hero: Not yet, but don't worry! The best "scientific science guy" in Lore is working on it as we speak!

«Scene fades»

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