He Played Us



«Scene: Zeph'gorog, a.k.a. our faithful minion Zep, laughs into the darkness.»

Zeph'gorog: Did you really think I'd allow you to take anything out of here?

«Zeph'gorog changes shape as it soars the Void»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Dage and the Hero standing on the glass platform, in front of Zeph'gorog in his true form.»

Hero: What… what just happened?

Dage The Evil: He played us.

Zeph'gorog: I am the Guardian of the Vault, Keeper of the Library. I protect this plane in Nulgath's absence.
Zeph'gorog: Did you really think I'd allow you to take anything out of here?

Hero: But… if that's the case, then why even let us inside?

Zeph'gorog: It's true. I could have just stopped you from the beginning.
Zeph'gorog: But now you've incriminated yourselves.
Zeph'gorog: And you can rot in the bottom of the Void until Nulgath returns and decides what to do with you.

«Zeph'gorog disappears into the Void»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Close up of Dage and the Hero»

Dage The Evil: He had me collecting all of that void energy for him.

«Dage summons his sword»

Dage The Evil: Does he really think I didn't keep some for myself?

«Dage slices into the Void, opening a way back to the Dark Path»

Dage The Evil: Come on. Let's get out of here.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Dage and the Hero have made it back to the Dark Path.»

Hero: Well, looks like we made it out! Let's g-

«Zoom out, Dage and the Hero are surrounded by Void Knights»

Hero: -oh.
Hero: I guess we should have known it couldn't be THAT easy.

«Scene fades»

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