Have You Ever HAD Kale?


«Cysero typing on an adding machine»

Hero: That's… that's an adding machine.

«Cysero goes back to his 2d self»

Cysero: Yep!

«Battleon goes back to its 2d self»

Hero: Wow, that actually worked.

Cysero: Come ooooon, did you ever doubt it?
Cysero: Although, it's a shame what the transition back to 2D did to the Clawgurl.
Cysero: Apparently the flavor is ALL in that third dimension.

Hero: Gosh, and it was so tasty before.

Cysero: No problem though, I'll just rebrand it as a strength potion. People will eat all kinds of sawdust-tasting crap if there's a health benefit!

Hero: Seriously?

Cysero: Have you ever HAD kale?

Hero: …point taken.

«Scene fades»

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