Have a Nice Day!



«Scene: Hero with and their friends gathered around Oishii's feast for the Harvest Fest»

Hero: Another delicious harvest fest! Thanks, Oishii!

Oishii: You can thank me by helping me clean up!

Hero: Oof… yeah, I'll get to that in a minute.

«Scene pans to the left, showing Cysero holding out a remote control and aiming it at a TV»

Hero: All that Turkey has made me T-I-R-E-D.

«Scene: the TV turns on, showing Chairman Platinum and Zorbak standing in a Battleon that has been taken over by EbilCorp»

Chairman Platinum: Are you finished with Harvest Dinner?

Zorbak: Are you sick of making small talk with people you only see once a year?

Chairman Platinum: Head down to Battleon for our BIGGEST BLACK FRIDAY SALE EVER!
Chairman Platinum: Everything is on sale! Hundreds of doorbusters - thousands of BOGOs!

Zorbak: Spend money you don't have on things you don't need

Chairman Platinum: because it's ALL UP TO 70% OFF!

Zorbak: because it's ALL UP TO 70% OFF!

«The TV turns off»

Hero: 70% off? Daaaang! That's a great deal!

Twilly: Ugh, Twilly can't believe those poor people have to work during Harvest.

Hero: Yeah, that kinda sucks, I guess.
Hero: I'd hate to have to spend my holiday that way.

Twilly: And all because those EbilCorp jerks are so greedy!
Twilly: Twilly's glad his friends don't buy into all this consumerism.

«Scene pans right to Cysero holding up a scroll»

Cysero: It says here that the first 100 people can buy the new eWatch for only 200 gold!

«Hero turns to look»

Hero: OMG really??
Hero: We gotta get down there!

Twilly: Seriously, guys?

«Scene: Oishii, looking up»

Oishii: I'm glad to see you've all got your energy back.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Oishii, Twilly, the Hero, and Cysero in a EbilCorp-ified Battleon»

Hero: Whoa… is this really Battleon?

Twilly: What have they done to it??

Hero: I don't recognize most of these shops. Where's Yulgar's Inn?

«Scene: a Scarbucks Coffee shop»

Twilly: There.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero inside Yulgar's Scarbucks shop»

Hero: Yulgar? What happened to your inn?

Yulgar: Looks like I'm managing a Scarbucks now.
Yulgar: Can I interest you in a Pumpkin Spike Latte? It's our seasonal special!

Hero: Oh, uh…
Hero: Yeah, that sounds good, actually.

Yulgar: Don't forget to check the bottom of your cup for your free promo code!

«Scene: the Hero looks at the bottom of their Scarbucks coffee cup»

«"HELP US!" is scrawled on the underside of the cup. Yulgar looks at the BOGOdrone standing next to him nervously.»

Yulgar: Have a nice day!

«Scene: Hero talking to Oishii, Twilly, and Cysero»

Hero: Did… did you guys see that?
Hero: Yulgar… he looked scared of that drone!
Hero: What if it's not letting him leave?

Cysero: Well, you did only pay 1 gold for that drink.
Cysero: He CAN'T actually be making any money off of this stuff.

Twilly: So he's… he's being held captive? Forced to work for next to nothing??
Twilly: Oh no! This is all our fault!
Twilly: If only it wasn't so easy to manipulate us with consumerist marketing schemes!

Hero: …subtle.

Twilly: Twilly TOLD you all this was an evil scheme.
Twilly: But it's good that we came.

«Scene: close up of Twilly»

Twilly: Because someone needs to take these robo-bullies DOWN.

«Scene fades»

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