Dragon of Time Trainer
My Sovereign Eternal, it is an honor to meet this version of you – the Eternal Dragon of Time. I am Haurvat, known as the Fifth Speaker accused of being a nitpicky completionist. I hail from another timeline, but explore the expanses of Time and Space to pursue perfection. Yours, of course. Though you hold great power, it is a fraction of your original strength. I wish to guide you to becoming complete again.

What is the Dragon of Time?
You are the Eternal Dragon of Time, who so selflessly offered their life to save a dying world. The flow of time exists because of you, and your sacrifice reincarnated you into a being with jurisdiction over creation and destruction. As you are now, however, your full potential and power lies just out of reach. With the right aid and guidance, we can slowly return your strength. All will be whole once more.

How to Get?
At the Inn at the Edge of time is an individual known as Kro’nar. He will help you recover some of your original powers. Kro’nar’s quests are a process of growth. By the end of them, you’ll need to be at least level 75, complete the 13 Lord of Chaos Saga, scale the entire Tower of Doom, and have the Blade of Awe in your possession. It won’t be an easy endeavor, but you will succeed. Your Speakers know you will.

- Time Inn

How to Use?
Recommended Enhancement: Wizard, Healer, Hybrid.
Stacking your Discordance while out of Convergence will increase your overall damage and healing output significantly, while stacking your Endurance buffs in Convergence will increase the amount of punishment you can take on group fights. Being in Convergence increases your AoE damage, because your DoTs continue to tick while you’re Converged, and ending the Convergence increases your single target damage by applying Searing Timeline to your target.

Location: Class Hall D


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