Hashi Hime

Bridge Maiden
Before you try to confront Chaos Lord Kitsune, I need you to talk to Mitsu Bishi at the Akiba Town Entrance.

- Go Now

After completing the 'Defeat O-Dokuro's Head' quest:

Bridge Maiden
Chaos Lord Kitsune opened the Rift in Time and released the Chaos Beast O-dokuro. You have defeated O-dokuro, and the way to close the Rift is now clear. Do you have what it takes to close the rift?

- Hashi Hime's Quests
- Hashi Hime Rep Yokai

After completing the 'Defeat Kitsune' quest:

Bridge Maiden
Chaos Lord Kitsune has been defeated, and Princess Ai No Miko's father has been freed from his control. Thank you, Hero!

- Hashi Hime Rep Yokai
- Return to Akiba


Note: Hashi Hime (橋 姫) means "Bridge Princess" in Japanese.

Thanks to Pmk138 and Shal.

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