Harvest Feast, War is Over



«Scene: Memet, Oishii, Voltaire, Hero, Cysero, Reens, Artix and Alina behind a table on Screen 1 of Nightmare War»

Aurelio Voltaire: We may have been under attack from giant bugs…

«Hero turns to look at Aurelio Voltaire»

Aurelio Voltaire: And brain-eating amoebas…
Aurelio Voltaire: And even a living fire tornado.

Memet: Hey, my dreams get wild, ok?
Memet: I'm just glad that nightmare is finally over, and all those fires and storms and murder-hornets are gone.

Aurelio Voltaire: But we still managed to put together one heck of a Harvest Feast!

Oishii: Thanks to your fantastic decor and party planning!

Aurelio Voltaire: And thanks to YOUR delicious food!

Oishii: Aww, you!

Hero: I'm so glad to be here, now, with all my friends. AND sitting down to eat. Battling is hungry work.

«Close up on Globlin»

Globlin: Is there room for one more?

Aurelio Voltaire: Hey! I know you! You were part of my party decor!

Hero: But… how are you here?? I mean… alive, like this. And not just a decoration.

Globlin: I followed you out of your dream. Through all of your nightmares.
Globlin: I didn't want to be alone…

Memet: Awww, he's cute!

Aurelio Voltaire: You are pretty adorable, aren't you?
Aurelio Voltaire: I think I'll call you… Globlin.

Memet: Your guest is SO much better than Twig's.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Murder Hornet carrying Twig»

Twig: What? He wanted to stay for dinner.
Twig: He's my fwiend now. I'mma GOOD host!

«Back to the Table with three new members at the table - Globlin, Twig and Murder Hornet»

Cysero: I think we've all made some new friends this year.

Globlin: I can… stay?

«Hero looks at Globlin»

Hero: I mean, we're letting the murder hornet stay.

Twig: Don't you be mean to Buzzy!

Hero: Sigh.

Oishii: I think we can scrounge up another plate.
Oishii: Come and join us. You're a member of the party now.

«Scene fades»


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