Haruki Matsuoka

Descendant of the Jade Hound
Hey, it's you! Psst… mind doing me a favor? I need to be rescued from this weird conversation. This random villager just walked up to me and started bad-mouthing the Empress! People already think that I'll start breaking bones for no reason because I'm half-Oni. It's going to look bad if I raise my voice. Just tell them that you need to talk to me about something important. C'mon, I'll buy you some tea at the inn later!

Don't hold back on my behalf. If you run into an Oni, slice off their head. Ninety-nine percent of the time, they were gunning to scoop out your brains. Pillaging, killing, and eating humans is in their nature. They're some of the most dangerous and powerful Yokai out there, but they wouldn't harass Haku Village in a group like this. Oni can't stand being talked down to… unless someone very powerful with a good bargain came to their caves with gifts before doing so.

I'm the descendant of the Jade Hound Prince from Wuji. He married a girl from the Isles, and way up the family tree, my Mom ran away from home. She hated the rigid life of a 'proper lady', and went crazy doing whatever she wanted in the mountains. The Oni mistook her for one of their own, and then I happened. Because of me, Mom moved back to Akiba, and became a respected warrior. My dad? Eh, I see Shuten-Douji from time to time.

What's with the crazy rumors about the Empress going around? A bunch of villagers were talking about how the Great Yokai Spirit was angered that the Isles have been attacked so much ever since Kitsune was ousted. They were talking about it in Akiba too, but every story I heard was completely different. No one has their facts straight, but they're all really scared. Where is all of this coming from?


Thanks to Tux47.

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