Harmless Mirror

Chaos Slayer Trainer
Expecting to see yet another class trainer, promising you untold power and riches, you find yourself surprised to find a small, circular mirror. You notice it's not you that is being reflected. A dark, more sinister energy is emanating from the mirror. You can't help but reach our your hand towards the mirror. The reflection, grinning madly from ear to ear also can't help but do the same.

What is a Chaos Slayer?
The Chaos Slayer is what really is deep inside you. The "what if" you stopped playing the role of Lore's hero. What if you succumbed to Drakath's chaotic embrace. Take part of his power, make it yours. Make sure Lore regrets not giving you the praise you deserved.

How to get?
To become a Chaos Slayer, you will need Rank 10 in Chaos and purchase it from Cemaros in /crownsreach. Cemaros will also offer you an Adventure Coin option as well.

- Crownsreach

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Wizard.
Chaos Slayers can switch between single target damage and multi-target modes. Their Enigma skill applies a wide range of powerful debuffs which can be further empowered by its Pandemonium skill. Don't expect the same results every time though, as Chaos is unpredictable.

Location: Class Hall C

Thanks to GuardMice.

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