Happy Giant


«Scene: Giant's house»

Jack: GREAT! You got the key, can we get my village and leave now? Please?

Hero: Next time pick on somebody your own size, Andre.

Andre: Pick on someb… THIS IS INSANE!
Andre: I'm just farming, trying to grow enough food for my family…
Andre: … Then you tiny people show up, start infesting my yard, beat up my cat and then you POISON MY SON!!!

Hero: Relax, your son is fine. He's just taking a nap.

Crycek: … in yer soup.

Hero: What do you mean infesting your yard?

«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

Hero: Andre went on to explain that the villagers had climbed UP the ladder searching for treasure in the clouds.

Langlee: You mean he wasn't going to eat them?

Hero: They were hungry but not THAT hungry.
Hero: Would YOU eat tiny people if they showed up?

Langlee: Ew, I guess not.

«Close up of Hero»

Hero: Andre had just captured them so they'd stay out of his garden.

Dayna: So what happened next?

Hero: I had an idea.
Hero: I asked Cysero to help me!

All childrem: What?!

Cysero: Oooooooh! That's why this sounds so familiar.

Hero: I remembered that time in DragonFable when Cysero accidentally changed the Guardian Tower in Falconreach into a giant fish and so…

«Scene: Giant's house»

Andre: You mean… that is for us?

Hero: Absolutely! Cysero said it was pretty easy.
Hero: He should be able to make you some more next week.

ChickenCow: Cluck Cluck MOO!

«Scene zooms out to show a giant chickencow standing next to Andre»

Andre: Lore's LARGEST chickencow!
Andre: This is so great! Milk, Eggs… we'll never go hungry again!
Andre: Thank you so much, Hero!

«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

Langlee: So what happened then?

Hero: Jack and the villagers went back to their village. Andre's son woke up very well rested.
Hero: Uh… the cat recovered quickly but it runs away from mice now.
Hero: Andre even invited me to share a meal with his family…
Hero: … And they all lived happily ever after!

Fhaux: Thanks for the story hero!

Langlee: Yeah, thanks!

Dayna: Yay! I love a happy ending!

«Scene: the Hero holding a massive fork and standing on a plate with a giant omelette in the giant's house»

«Scene fades»

The End

«Scene fades»

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