Happy Frostval? (2)



«Scene: Howard powers up in a green glow while absorbing every molecule of corrupted energy from the Plane of Monsters»

In his rage, Howard absorbed every molecule of corrupted energy from the Plane of Monsters.

«Scene fades»
«Warlic and Sora to Hoshi covered in white glow while green flame passes by them»

It could not be allowed to remain in our world, or the corruption would spread from person to person…
Until the entire world was as consumed as this creature that used to be Howard.
//Combining their strength and knowledge, Warlic and Sora channeled to cleanse it.

«Scene fades»
«Something light explodes in the air»

To drive out the darkness…

«Howard's Rage and all it's corrupted energy is gone»

To drive out the darkness… with light.

«Scene fades»
«Hero, Chilly, Blizzy, Sora, Howard and Warlic around a campfire»


Sora to Hoshi: We did it!
Sora to Hoshi: We saved Frostvale… and Frostval!

Blizzy: Blizzy KNEW you could do it!
Blizzy: It looks like everyone will have a Happy Frostval after all!

Hero: Well… almost everyone.

«Hero, Sora and Blizzy gather around crying Howard»

Howard: Go on. Get it over with. Finish me now.
Howard: What do I have left?

«Blizzy picks up a gift and hands it to Howard»

Blizzy: Happy Frostval?

Hero: Where did that even COME from?

Howard: A present? For me…
Howard: As if this could even remotely attempt to heal my inner turmoil.

Blizzy: Blizzy is trying to be NICE!
Blizzy: Blizzy understands you are going through some stuff. He's willing to forgive what you tried to do to his home.

«Blizzy turns out and puts the gift away»

Blizzy: But if you'd rather sit out here in the cold by yourself…

Howard: No… wait.

«Howard picks up the gift»

Howard: …thank you.

«Scene fades»
«Everyone around the campfire»

Blizzy: Nothing can replace the things we've lost…

Hero: But being with friends can help us start to heal.

Howard: Happy Frostval, Blizzy.

Blizzy: Happy Frostval, new friend!

«View moves slowly up and fades»

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