Happy Frostval! (1)



«Scene: Warlic and the rest of the characters in his Magic Shoppe with the Spacetimebobulator»

Warlic: Alright, you guys wins. I'm clearly not getting anything else done until I do this…

Everyone: *YAY*

«Close up of Warlic»

Warlic: Come on. Let's go. Let's see if we can figure out how to make it-

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Warlic and co. go outside, but it's already snowing»

Warlic: …snow.

«Cysero dances»

Cysero: Nevermind. Looks like we're good now.

Warlic: Can I just go home now?

Sora to Hoshi: Or… to Yulgar's Inn for some nice, hot, spiced mog nog?

Warlic: …Yeah. Sure.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Warlic sitting in a chair with Sora to Hoshi, Lim, Cysero, and the Hero standing nearby. They are all holding at least one cup of mog nog»

Sora to Hoshi: Isn't this nice? Sitting in Yulgar's Inn, spending Frostval with our friends. <3
Sora to Hoshi: Aren't you glad you're here with us instead of back in your shop, working?

Hero: What were you doing that was so important, anyway?

Warlic: Ha. Just a silly little spell. Here, I'll show you.

«Warlic casts a spell, the lights in the inn turn off, and frostval lights appear on the wall»

Sora to Hoshi: Omigosh!

«The lights disappear and the lights turn back on»

Warlic: Still haven't worked all the kinks out yet.

Lim: Still - how festive! You're really in the Frostval spirit!

Cysero: Oh. So, like… you're not actually a holiday killjoy.
Cysero: You were just acting like a Scrooge because we were being super annoying.

Warlic: Nailed it.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Warlic sleeping in a darkened Yulgar's Inn with presents on top of him. Everyone else is watching»

Lim: This Frostval, we all learned a very important lesson:
Lim: We should believe in our friends, and try not to pester them to the edge of a nervous breakdown.

Cysero: Because then we don't get magic blinking Frostval lights.
Cysero: And that really sucks.

Lim: Would we carry this wisdom with us into the new year, and remember what we learned when the holiday season comes again?

Cysero: Probably not.

Lim: But only time will tell.

«Scene fades»


«Scene fades»

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