Happy Ending


Note: This cutscene is voiced.

«J6, Mia and Hero at church»

J6: We are out of time.

Mia: Hero? I can still hear them… their voices are so faint.

Hero: Trust me…

«Moore's ghost appears»

Hero: MOORE!!!!

Moore: Please tell me she is safe… did Jeluti use the Hourglass?

«Zoom in to Hero»

Hero: No, she didn't.

Moore: What? No…. Jeluti… she could have lived the life she was denied!

Hero: There is still a chance. Moore, I know I cannot convince you to use the hourglass for yourself… but you have ONE shot left to convince Jeluti to use it.

Moore: I… understand what I must do.
Moore: Give this note to Jeluti…

«Moore writes ghostly note and passes it to Hero»

Mia: A… love letter? What does it say?

J6: Status update: The portal closes in 30 seconds.

«Hero flips the Hourglass and Moore is replaced by Jeluti»

Jeluti: Hero….

Hero: Quickly, read this…

«Hero passes ghostly note to Jeluti»

Jeluti: Could this be true!?
Jeluti: I have never felt such happiness… Hero, tell me these words are true!

Hero: ….

Jeluti: Moore? … Moore….? … He is not responding. It MUST be true. A miracle!
Jeluti: How could I ever thank you!? I will use the Hourglass to return to life! Moore, at long last I shall be at your side!

«Jeluti flips Hourglass and is transformed into a wisp»

Jeluti: What… n.. n… noo……

«Moore appears»

Moore: I love you, Jeluti. This was the only way for you to go on… Make your new life better than the last.

«Letter is shown»

My Dearest Jeluti, By the time you read this, I will already be alive. Take the Hourglass from the Hero and use it to return to the land of the living. I dream of being together once more. Eternal love, Moore.

Mia: He… he… faked his own "life" to save her.

Moore: At least I know Jeluti will be safe. Thank you… for everything.

J6: Portal closing in 5….

Moore: What are you waiting for? Go!

J6: 4….

Mia: This is so sad…. Farewell, Moore…..

J6: 3….

Hero: I told you I had a plan!

J6: 2….

«Hero puts J6's Helmet on Moore's ghost»

Note: There is something you do not know about J6's helm. But since it has not happened in the main storyline yet… we cannot tell you what it is. But what we can say is this… the ghost just became "possessed" by J6's Helm.

J6: 1….

Hero: JUMP!!!!!!!!

«Black screen»

Mia: Did we just fake a spirit's "life" and then smuggle them out of the Underworld using J6's helmet?

Hero: Yup!

Mia: You… you're amazing! We should adventure together again one day.

Hero: Definitely! With your beautiful singing voice… have you ever considered becoming a bard?

Mia: A Mer'angel Bard? I sing, you slay?

Hero: *laughing* Sure, but, do you know any… faster songs?

Mia: *giggles* Sure. I'll write something upbeat just for you next time.

Hero: *smiles* So, what do you think will happen to the star-crossed spirits now?

Mia: Hmmm. Love is the most powerful force… powerful enough to do anything… or undo that which is impossible to undo.

Hero: I get the feeling this is not over yet.

Mia: For us it is… for them… It is just the beginning.

«Moore and Jeluti appear at the church»

Moore & Jeluti Romeo & Juliet

Juliet: Oh, Romeo. I thought I had lost you…

Romeo: Juliet, we shall never be apart again.

«They kiss»

Journey to the Underworld Romeo & Juliet 2

Juliet: Romeo…

Romeo: Yes, Juliet?

Juliet: Did you notice we are semi-chibi 2D game characters?

Romeo: I do not care what or where we are… as long as I am with you…

The End

«Scene fades»

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