Happily Ever After


«Scene: the Hero has defeated Killek Deadchewer in his cell»

Hero: Whoof… that was intense.
Hero: Here's hoping he doesn't wake up anytime soon.

«Hwuargh comes into the cell»

Hwuargh: Here, let Hwuargh help.

«Killek is now tied up»

Hwuargh: Killek not escape now.
Hwuargh: Hwuargh will take him outside for you.
Hwuargh: No! You stay in there. Could still be dangerous!

«Hwuargh leaves the cell»

Hero: Well, I …DID just take the guy down…

«Hero shrugs»

Hero: Fine, whatever. Go be a hero, Hwuargh.

Hwuargh: Yes, Hwuargh will.

«Hwuargh kneels over Killek»

Hwuargh: Still alive. That good.

«Hwuargh starts feeding Killek a mushroom»

Hero: Hey! What are you doing!

«Hwuargh moves the vase closer to Killek, who wakes up»

Killek: Huh? Wha?

Hero: Stop! Stop, you're waking him up!

«Hwuargh closes the cell door on the Hero»

Hero: HEY!
Hero: Hwuargh, what's going on?!

Hwuargh: You know what's really special about Killek?
Hwuargh: I'm not sure why… maybe it's because he was the first of us. Because he's been under the spell for so long.

«Hwaurgh lifts the vase to Killek's face»

Hwuargh: But he's developed a deep connection to her.
Hwuargh: She could be miles away… and he'd still find her.
Hwuargh: He just needs to catch the scent.

Hero: But… I… What??
Hero: When did you stop being an idiot?
Hero: …Were you USING me?

Hwuargh: Yes. Obviously.
Hwuargh: Thanks for your help, by the way.
Hwuargh: You knocked him out for me, so I could restrain him with the leather straps you brought me.
Hwuargh: And prime his senses with the pheromones you brought me.
Hwuargh: And give us both enough stamina for the trip, with those Boom Shrooms you brought me!

«Hwuargh grabs onto Killek's back»

Killek: I'M COMING!

Hwuargh: Take us to her, buddy!

Hero: Come on! You can't just leave me here!

«Killek and Hwuargh run out of the cave»


«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero and Dedara at the entrance of the cave»

Hero: Thanks for letting me out.

Dedara: Haha, when I saw those two riding off into the sunset together, I knew I'd better check on you!
Dedara: Too bad we couldn't follow them though. Could've found that dragon again.

Hero: You know, it's fine. I've had enough of that guy for today.
Hero: I'm sure they'll resurface again, eventually.

Dedara: When they do, the Dragonslayers will be ready.

«Scene fades»

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