SwordMaster Assassin Trainer
Well met, Adventurer. I am Hanzo, a SwordMaster Assassin for Dage’s Undead Legion. While I still have yet to earn my place to become a full devout Legion SwordMaster Assassin, I can teach you the ways so you too can start your journey with me on becoming fully fledged Legion SwordMaster Assassins.

What is a SwordMaster Assassin?
Semi fresh recruits to the Legion, the SwordMaster Assassins are still trying to get their bearings inside the Legion. Using ancient arts, they are never seen by their foe. The SwordMaster Assassins have always had an air of mystery, really.

How to get?
To become a SwordMaster Assassin, you must wait until Dage’s Dark Birthday (Mid March) and purchase for Adventure Coins inside the Dark Birthday Shop.

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Thief, Lucky
Swordmasters Assassins are one of the schools of assassins in Dage’s army and they specialize in attacking a higher than average number of foes at once. Their Umbral Shurikens are able to cut through six enemies and they can increase their own chance to dodge attacks or even set the damage to zero.

Location: Class Hall C


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