Gift Wrapping Pro
Hey, long time no see! Did you just come back from a trip? I usually head back to Falconreach for the holidays but I wanted to stay here this time. Yulgar, Serenity, and Aria definitely need the extra hands. And for once, I get to be the expert! Lots of adventurers signed up for caroling and the gift-wrapping workshop. My hands are covered in paper cuts but it's really cool helping out our local heroes.

Psst, we've been getting a lot of visitors from Swordhaven lately. They aren't nobles, just regular folks good at reading, metalwork, and a couple of cooks from the royal kitchen. They're on a long trip to the coast, and took a pitstop here. Looks like there's a big project going on, and they're all really excited about it. I wonder if they're helping out the Queen. Weird, wouldn't you usually be the first to know about these kinds of things?

You just missed an incredible guitarist that dropped by the other evening. They were shy when I asked about their instrument, but after Serenity chatted with them, they gave us a concert. It was a one-person show but I felt all my worries melt away when the music washed over us. The bard was with their two sisters, heading off to the coast to do some work. The one with the glasses glared at me for bugging them too much, haha.


Note: This NPC is themed from Hans from Adventure Quest.

Thanks to Counterswitch.

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