Hammer Wateru


Fourth Wielder
Hello there, Hero. It appears the Fifth Order has managed to build this super weapon right under our noses! If we don’t do something, Fifth Lord Sepulchure will use this Murder Moon to blow Lore to smithereens. The Fourth Council has sent me to help you put a stop to their plans.

Fifth Lord?
Fifth Lord Sepulchure is the most feared man in the galaxy. He has conquered countless worlds for the Fifth Order and won’t stop until his master is satisfied. Now is our perfect opportunity to take out him and the Fifth Order’s superweapon, ensuring the Freedom Fighters’ victory!

- Hammer Wateru's Quests
- Murder Moon Merge

After completing the 'Revenge of the Fifth' quest:

Fourth Wielder
You’ve defeated Fifth Lord Sepulchure! With both of your hands intact too! It was a great fight, kid! One in a million! Thanks to your help, the Fourth Council will be able to start dismantling the Fifth Lords’ hold on the galaxy and bring peace!

The Fourth and Fifth Artifacts are not available to just anyone. Even though I am a force for Good, I respect your right to choose the Darker Side. I will not make it easy for you, however. If you want to prove that you are worthy of the DarkLord Class, you must gather some very impressive items: the S Ring and the Fifth Lord's Filtrinator from Fifth Lord Sepulchure, the Dark Helmet and Dotty from Zorba the Bakk.

- To Zorba

- Hammer Wateru's Quests
- Murder Moon Merge

Location: Murder Moon


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