Hall of NPZzzz's


«Scene: Hero and Artix at BattleCon.»

Hero: Walked so many miles… So… tired. But I can fix THAT!

«Hero raises up a bottle with a lightning bolt on it.»

«Artix knocks the bottle out of Hero's hand.»

Artix: Not here, my friend! The air is already super-charged with extra energy from the Caffeine imps.
Artix: They wait for adventurers wandering around Con and suck the adrenalin from them…
Artix: All of those people sleeping? We call them the NPZzzz's.
Artix: Heroes who faced the Caffeine Imps in battle and lost.
Artix: They will wake up in a few days… if we can drive the imps away!

«Scene fades.»

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