Guys, Come On!


«Scene: Hero, Galanoth, Artix, Captain Rhubarb, and Floyd surrounded by the undead»

Hero: This looks bad.

«The undead suddenly all run away»

Hero: Huh? I thought they'd be trying to mob us!

Galanoth: Up there!

«Gorgorath attacks the group, knocking them about»

Galanoth: This is where I come in. Stand back, everyone.

Artix: I do not think so, my friend! The undead are MY specialty! Let me handle this one!

«Close up of Galanoth»

Galanoth: Artix, we've been friends for a long time. But you know I came here to slay this dragon.
Galanoth: Don't get in my way.

«Scene zooms back out»

Artix: Whaaaat? Was that a threat?
Artix: Do not get in your way - or what?

Hero: Uh, guys?

Artix: Well, I am here to defeat the undead! Do not get in MY way!

Hero: Guys!

Artix: You may be an expert on dragons, but you do not know how to fight the undead! I will handle this!

Galanoth: This IS a dragon! Artix, let me do my job!

Artix: It is a dracolich! Let me do MY job!

Hero: GUYS!!!

«Gorgorath attacks the Hero»

Hero: Alright, you overgrown Halloween decoration! You want to fight? Here I am!

«Scene fades»

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