Royal Falconer, Pet Vendor
You, Hero. You look like you've got what it takes to command the creature of the land and sky. I can tell. You up for mastering the noble art of Falconry? Taming the deadly spiders and fiends that roam the castle? Yes? Good.

Phew! I hoped someone would be up for the challenge! I just can't bear to see the beasties that crawl up out of the sewers and dungeons harmed, but no one else seems to like them. And they don't stop coming! It's like something's driving them aboveground, and I can't figure our what! Something dangerous, that's for sure!

- Guy's Quest
- Swordhaven Pets

Location: Swordhaven Castle (Location)
Note: Also see Noble Falconer.


Thanks to Flitterifie.

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