Gustav duGrog

Steward of the Purple Kraken
What bad luck I be havin' this week! There I was aboard me "cargo ship", The Purple Kraken, settin' sail from the shores of Oaklore Forest. Suddenly the water goes purple and a great, chaorrupted kraken attacks our ship and takes it under! I managed to escape on me lifeboat and where do I end up? On the one island in Lore what's infested with undead.

Yar, and don't be thinkin' the irony has escaped me. I be campaignin' to change the name o' that ship if we ever get it back.

I not be knowin' what happened to me mates. I escaped alone, and have seen nary a living soul since I came ashore.

- Gustav duGrog's Quests
- Face the Kraken
- Gustav Merge

Location: Skull Punch (Location)


Thanks to Zero IX.

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