Guru of Dance



«Scene: Diego and Guru of Dance talking to each other in Dance Guru»

Diego: Look! There he is! And he's dancing up a STORM!
Diego: Hey! Mister Dance Guru! Over here!
Diego: Hmm… he's so wrapped up in his dance, he's not paying any attention. I'll just… reach in and…

«Diego grabs the Dance Guru's hat»

Guru of Dance: Hey! That's my hat! Give it back!

Diego: Of course, of course… but first, you gotta do me a favor, man.
Diego: You gotta teach me to dance!

Guru of Dance: Yeah, yeah. That's what everybody wants.
Guru of Dance: But listen, it's gonna take a lot more than you've got! Carnaval is starting soon.

«Diego puts his right hand under his chin»

Diego: Oh no… he's right!

Guru of Dance: Hey, hey, it's all right! I know a cheat code you can use.

Diego: What is it? Tell me, please!

Guru of Dance: A mask! Just a mask.
Guru of Dance: But you've got to convince it you're worthy to wear it.
Guru of Dance: You'll find it deep underground, beneath where the dancers march by.

Diego: Deep underground… below the parade… hmm.
Diego: Thank you, my friend! I think I know what to do.

«Scene fades»

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