Guardian Keenwa


Battleon Guardian Tower… Guardian
Hero! I'm so glad you're here. The Guardian Tower is under attack! Guardian Jerissa and the Z Corps are inside investigating. I'm afraid I can't let you enter until this Friday, once we know the area's been thoroughly cleared.
I'm here to warn any passerby of the danger, and to be on guard for any MORE strikes from… whatever it was that hit us!

Until Guardian Jerissa and the Z Corps have cleared the tower, I'm afraid I can't let you enter. Until that time, Guardians, Dragonlords and Star Captains can access their shops here.

- Guardian Shop specialsmall.png
- DragonLord Shop specialsmall.png
- Star Captain Shop specialsmall.png

Location: Comet (Location)


Thanks to rickyb20 and Tristyn.

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