Guardian Garen (Cutscene)


«Scene: Guardian Garen and Valen in the Guardian Tower»

Guardian Garen: Sir Valen! I… we thought you were dead!

Valen: No. Not yet.
Valen: I cannot rest until I have saved my Lynaria.

Guardian Garen: Lynaria! Are you going after her? Have you come for our help?

Valen: No…

«Close up of Valen»

Valen: I have come for the armor.

«Close up of Guardian Garen»

Guardian Garen: …the Champion of Darkness armor?
Guardian Garen: I am sorry, but we are sworn to keep it from being used by ANYONE…
Guardian Garen: …even you.

«Valen comes up to Garen»

Valen: Fool! That edict comes from the very woman I am trying to save!
Valen: The armor WILL be mine.
Valen: Even if I have to go through every one of you to get it.

«Scene fades.»

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