Glacial Berserker Trainer
Welcome Adventurer We are the Glacial Berserkers. Berserkers who once had nothing but unbridled rage until we learned to control it. Fight along side your ancestors, make them proud while reigning in your victory.

What is a Glacial Berserker?
Tranquility and rambunctious behavior don’t really go hand in hand, especially if you’re a berserker but you aren’t a regular berserker anymore, you’re now donning the armor and the skills of a glacial berserker. Much cooler now to where you can balance both your conflicting qualities as well as having the spirits of your ancestors scolding you.

How to get?
To become a Glacial Berserker, you must be either Rank 10 Glacier and travel to /icewindpass to purchase it or you may purchase it inside the Class Shop for Adventure Coins.

- Icewindpass
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Fighter, Lucky
With fists of rime and their forefathers watching over them, Glacial Berserkers charge into combat with slow but high damage attacks. Their ancestral magic powers up many of their stats, such as critical strikes and haste, but their true strength lies with the devastating effects they can pile onto their enemy. Hefty reductions in their target’s haste and hit chance are just the tip of the iceberg.

Location: Class Hall C


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