GrimBlight of Destiny


Price: 2,000 AC

  • First 24 Hours: 1,800 AC
  • After 24 Hours: 500 AC

Rarity: Legendary Item Rarity
Base Damage: 15-45
Description: We thought the Blinding Light of Destiny had been completely destroyed, but we were wrong. OOOHboy were we wrong. Evil hands have twisted it to their own sinister purposes… what those are, we do not yet know.

  • When equipped, this item provides a 5% bonus to Reputation gained from quests and does 5% more damage to Chaos Monsters, Dragon Monsters and Human Monsters.
  • Clicking on the axe displays the message "HAHAHAAAA… to command my powers you must own me…" for only non-owners.
  • Clicking on the eyes displays one of the following messages or actions for only the owner:
    • "I hunger… feed me Master. FEED ME!!!!"
    • "HAHAHAAAA… do you want me to do something… EVIL.. master?"
    • "Heeehahahaha! What is thy bidding… master?"
    • Triggers a sound clip and has an animation of 3 runes appearing.
  • Clicking on the top rune displays the message "Master, this power can only be used inside a Grimskull Dungeon." for only non-owners.
  • Clicking on the center rune displays the message "BE STILL HUMANS!!! HAHAHA, MY MASTER COMMANDS IT!" and causes all players on screen to say "…" and return to idle position if they were using emotes.
  • Clicking on the bottom rune causes all AFK players on screen to use the /feign emote. If there are no AFK players it displays the message "Master, I am trying to slay players who have gone AFK… but I can't find any!"
  • Required to accept the 'Grimblight Challenge' quest.
  • Used to access Ultra Undead Raxgore on Screen 27 of Doom Vault B.
  • Also see List of all Destiny Axes.

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