GrimBlade +5

Location: Doom Vault B
Price: N/A

Sellback: 250 Gold
Rarity: Epic Rarity
Base Damage: 27-33
Description: This is the darkest blade Grimskull possesses. We cannot know much damage it will do until you face the greatest foe in the world! Bonus power against undead and gives bonus Rep!

  • Displays the message "HAHAHAAAA… to command my powers you must own me…" for only non-owners when clicked on.
  • Displays one of the following messages for only the owner when clicked on:
    • "Not even the Hero Blade can save you if you keep fighting like that."
    • "Your doom is getting closer!"
    • "You might want to win this one. Just saying…"
    • "Don't look now, but you're just about to LOSE!"
    • "I can't believe you won against Raxgore!"
    • "Fight harder! Or don't. I grow stronger either way."
    • "Stab a little harder. I'm not made for tickling monsters, you know."
    • "You got lucky with that hit."
    • "Stay focused… you wouldn't want to LOSE YOUR HEAD in battle!"
    • "One more fight like that and I'm finding another hero to wield me!"
    • "Battle On? Not for YOU! It's time to Battle End!"
    • "You'd make a GREAT practice dummy, you know that?"
    • "Mwahaha… is there anyway you can let this monster kill you? PLEEEEASE!?"
    • "You REALLY want to let this monster win. I promise!"
  • When equipped, this item provides a 5% bonus to Reputation gained from quests.
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