Location: Doom Vault B
Price: N/A (Reward from the 'Grim Underdungeon XXIX' quest)
Sellback: 0 Gold
Rarity: Unknown Weird Rarity
Base Damage: 27-33
Description: This is the darkest blade Grimskull possesses. We cannot know much damage it will do until you face the greatest foe in the world!

  • Displays the message "HAHAHAAAA… to command my powers you must own me…" for only non-owners when clicked on.
  • Displays one of the following messages for only the owner when clicked on:
    • "Not even the Hero Blade can save you if you keep fighting like that."
    • "Your doom is getting closer!"
    • "You might want to win this one. Just saying…"
    • "Don't look now, but you're just about to LOSE!"
    • "I can't believe you won against Raxgore!"
    • "Fight harder! Or don't. I grow stronger either way."
    • "Stab a little harder. I'm not made for tickling monsters, you know."
    • "You got lucky with that hit."
    • "Stay focused… you wouldn't want to LOSE YOUR HEAD in battle!"
    • "One more fight like that and I'm finding another hero to wield me!"
    • "Battle On? Not for YOU! It's time to Battle End!"
    • "You'd make a GREAT practice dummy, you know that?"
    • "Mwahaha… is there anyway you can let this monster kill you? PLEEEEASE!?"
    • "You REALLY want to let this monster win. I promise!"
  • Used to merge GrimHero Blade.
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