Before completing Griffin's Quests:

Royal Armsmaster
It's a good thing Swordhaven has always kept a large armory! The knights always thought it was unnecessary to continue storing such a surplus of steel, but now it looks like even all of this may not be enough.

Not enough?
It's more than the knights would ever need, but even our peasants will soon have to take up arms and defend themselves.

If you are under Level 20:

I'm afraid you're not strong enough yet. Come back after a few battles and I'd be glad to have your help.

- Griffin's Quests

After completing Griffin's Quests:

Royal Armsmaster
I have faith that you and the rest of Alteon's guards will keep us safe… from ANYTHING. Let me know if you need more arms for the townspeople. We'll need them, I think, what with the gate stuck in the open position.

Location: Swordhaven Armory (Location)


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