Gravelyn Takes It



«Hero and Jagger confronting Nastasia as Gravelyn watches»

Nastasia: Jagger… you don't have to do this! All I wanted was to be with you.
Nastasia: Eternity with my love. Is that so wrong to want?
Nastasia: <Hero>, why would you want to stop that?

«Gravelyn is about to strike Nastasia, but Jagger and Hero go to her rescue»


«Jagger gets on the way of the strike and thus get striked»

Nastasia: Jagger, shhh. Stay still. You're wounded… and -

Jagger: Nastasia, it… hurts. *gasp* But I - I don't care WHAT you are or WHO or - or ANYTHING
Jagger: All I know is… I love you. And I want to spend forever with you.
Jagger: No matter what that takes. Or what it means for me.

«Nastasia starts to cry»

Nastasia: I can do that. It will hurt, but -
Nastasia: Only for a moment. And then we WILL be together. Forever.

«Nastasia casts a spell and both her and Jagger disappear, leaving Hero and Gravelyn behind»

Gravelyn: She would have used her necromancy to disrupt the natural order.
Gravelyn: The undead do not love… I should know.

Hero: She wasn't undead, though. She -

Gravelyn: Wouldn't have survived the battle. I made sure of it.

Hero: But true love can happen anywhere, any time, for anyone. Dead, undead, or alive.
Hero: They proved that. And it's ALWAYS worth fighting for!
Hero: Happy Hero's Heart Day the 13th, wherever you are, Jagger and Nastasia!

«Hero hands Gravelyn a love card: "Happy HHD! Glad you're alive n stuff"»

Hero: And to you, Gravelyn.

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