Gravelyn's Gratitude


«Scene fades in showing the Hero, Gravelyn and the defeated Chaorruption»

Hero: Oooh, that HAD to hurt! Cysero sure knows to make a mean gravy… and adding that banana in is just CRUEL!

«Scene fades»

«Scene fades in, focusing on Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: Indeed. I suspect the Green Mage is more powerful - and wiser - than anyone truly knows.

Gravelyn: I want to thank you, Hero. I knew you would not fail!

«Scene: Gravelyn closes her eyes»

Gravelyn: With King Alteon dead, the Alliance has splintered, but is not beyond repair.

«Scene: Gravelyn opens eyes»

Gravelyn: You must help me rally all those still opposed to my rule.

Gravelyn: Under my lead, we WILL defeat the Champion of Chaos, but we have much work to do first.

«Scene fades»

«Scene fades in to a crumbled and flaming Shadowfall»

Cutscene: Shadowfall MUST rise again if we are going to save our world!

«Scene fades»

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