Gravelyn Attacks


«Black screen»

Gravelyn: GOOO!

«Skeletal Dragon Collision, Drakath attacks the Dragon, destroying it»
«Gravelyn jumps from the destroyed dragon.»

Gravelyn: This ends now, Drakath! I will have my revenge for what you did to my Father!

«Screen flashes white»
«Gravelyn attacks Drakath, but he knocks her back.»
«Close up of Drakath.»


«Gravelyn attacks Drakath once more, only to lose her sword and be knocked off the platform.»
«Battle ends, Gravelyn is left hanging on an edge, Drakath stands»
«Change scene, Artix and Warlic»
«Scene fades.»

Artix and Warlic: Nonono!

To be continued…

«Scene fades.»

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