Grim Necromancer Trainer
Another greenhorn adventurer, thinking they are ready to "save people" or "save the world" well let me tell you, there is no place of "heros" within these teachings. More than your morality will be tossed to the sidelines; your very sould will teether on what you know of right and wrongs. If you understand the consequences for greater power then come and listen.

What is a Grim Necromancer?
With absolutely no respect for the dead and even less for the living, the Grim Necromancer sees every corpse as a vessel to be used. The soul no longer inhabits the body, so why keep it buried away? Even as merely bones, a skeleton can still get a grizzly job done. After all, what use are the living and the dead if not to be experiments for you to play with?

How to get?
To become a Grim Necromancer, you must have the "600,000 Total ACs bought" achievement and make your way to Sally at /GrimTea.

- GrimTea

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Wizard, Lucky
Grim Necromancer are mages that raise the dead to fight for them. They excel in single combat and dealing damage, and enjoy taking risks by sacrificing their life force to greatly empower their minions.

Location: Class Hall C


Thanks to Menace.

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