Granny V

Brave Old Woman
My goodness! It's good you'r ehere, dearie, and that we have those brave aero-soldiers overhead! The town is being overrun, and only a brave, strong Hero like you can save us! I'm sure you can figure out how to shop these nasty Bandits! Ah me, I've no idea how they joined up with Sky Pirates.

- Bandit Basher Merge Shop
- Granny V's Quests

After completing Granny V's Quests:

Brave Old Woman
You are a powerful poppet, aren't you? It's a good thing you were here! And that friend of yours, the one who flew you here… I must give you both my thanks. It is only proper, and I am a very proper granny, don't you think, chickie? But the town is in tatters; we should talk somewhere more secure. Perhaps an escape route down that alley?

- Bandit Basher Merge Shop
- Skyguard Base

Location: Anders' Loss


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