Grand Theft Loco-motive


«Scene: the Hyperium»

Computer: Incoming message from Hyperium's Artificial Life…do you wish to respond?

J6: Hey H.A.L., how are the kids?

H.A.L.: As I have told you before, it is physically impossible for a machine to breed children, nor would it be useful as I am fully capable of completing my tasks.

J6: That's nice…So what do you need? I'm sure your sophistimacated sensors know I'm in the middle of a hunt.

H.A.L.: I am aware of your current situation and have calculated that the interruption would prove to be a valuable consumption of time.
H.A.L.: My sensors have discovered a large deposit of Crystalized Dragon's Breath aboard a civilian vessel.
H.A.L.: It seems that have discovered its potential as a limitless energy source and have begun harvesting it to power a charter locomotive.
H.A.L.: However, the size of the stone is much larger than rule 56-5B of the Galactic Hazardous Materials handbooks suggests and may result in an increase in…

J6: I already told you, less details when you speak H.A.L. What is the problem?

H.A.L.: Rock go Boom.

J6: Oh.

H.A.L.: Continuous use without proper cooling has made the stone unstable. In approximately 1 hour, 23 minutes and 42 seconds the stone will implode.
H.A.L.: I have taken the liberty of setting a direct course to Westion to deal with the situation.

J6: Crystalized Dragon's Breath is just what I need to power my project. Is it salvageable?

H.A.L.: Affirmative. Power from the ship has been redirected to a cooling chamber to store it. I knew you'd find interest in this mission.

J6: You know that anything bigger than 56-5B is powerful enough to…

H.A.L.: I know.

J6: Excellent.

«Scene fades»

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