«Scene: Starts off with the Hero sitting in a classroom with other necromancers and Professor Goordan speaking his lesson»

Prof. Goordan: Good effort, class! With all the slime gathered for tomorrow's Lab experiment, we can move on.
Prof. Goordan: We've discussed the constitution of slimes, their inclusions and expulsions…
Prof. Goordan: Today I'd like to address their connection to Darkness, and how it relates to other undead.

«The Hero raises their hand»

Hero: By "other undead" do you mean things like… Vordred?
Hero: Because I'm really, REALLY interested in how Vordred is connected to Darkness!

Prof. Goordan: It is an extreme example but… I suppose we could use Vordred as today's example.
Prof. Goordan: Vordred is so attunded to the Darkness Realm that it is immune to the powers of Light.
Prof. Goordan: His aim — to become the Champion of Darkness — is beyond the grasp of any other undead.

Prof. Goordan: There is a rumor that it is so powerful, it cannot be controlled by its Master.
Prof. Goordan: That such a creation that could defy its Master is unthinkable.

Prof. Goordan: That is why, class, it is better to reanimate things you are sure you can control. Like slimes.
Prof. Goordan: Now back to today's intended topic…

Hero: BRB, Bio break! I'll — uh-Get some notes from someone…

«Screen fade»

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